General Spray Booth Installation FAQs

How much is a turn key spray booth installation?
Since there are so many variables such as the type and size of the booth being installed, location, permitting requirements and optional accessories, installation pricing is different in almost every situation. Please contact us to schedule an on site assessment of the proposed location and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

What is the timeframe for a complete installation?
Genrally speaking, under typical conditions (readily available electricity, gas and sprinklers) open face industrial spray booth installations will take two to five days depending on the size. Automotive spray booths usually take around a week to install. Aerospace, truck, rail or custom configurations can take two weeks or more depending on the size and complexity.

Can I add a heater to my existing spray booth?
Most fully enclosed spray booths can be modified to accept a heater system. Heaters can be installed on a custom engineered steel platform above the booth or on the roof of the building.

Which type of spray booth is the best?
Best is a relative term. Usage and budget will dictate which style of booth will work best in a given enviornment. A pre-sales consultation can help determine which booth is best for your requirements.

What are the permitting requirements for spray booths?
Spray booth permitting requirements vary depending on the booths location. We offer permitting services and will deal directly with the city or county on behalf of our customers.

Can I buy a spray booth from Bar Z and install it myself or have another contractor perform the installation?
Yes we do sell spray booths outright, though we highly suggest using a licensed contractor who specializes in spray booth installations due to potential complexities with permitting, wiring and fire suppression regulations.

I have purchased a spray booth and already had the mechanical installation done, can you perform the electrical instalation?
We frequently perform "mechanical only" or "electrical only" installations for customers who request them. Please contact us to schedule a consultation and we will be pleased to submit a bid for whichever phase of installation you need.

Another contractor installed my spray booth and now my roof leaks when it rains, can you repair it?
Some installers take shortcuts when piercing a customers roof for stack installation such as insufficient framing, or poor sealing of the roof-jack and/or rain collars. We can generally repair these types of problems if they are the cause of your leaky roof. Please be aware however, it is possible the water entrance point can be elsewhere on the surface of your roof and the stack opening simply provided a drain. If this is the case, you will need to contact a dedicated roofing company. Please contact us to schedule an inspection to determine the cause.

My neighbors complain about smelling paint when I spray, is there anything that can be done?
Yes, we can increase the height of your exhaust or install a velocity cone at the discharge of the duct, effectively heightening your discharge will dilute the vapors to an acceptable level.

I am spotting cars with overspray in the parking lot, help!
Low efficiency or improperly installed exhaust filters are the one and only reason you are spotting cars, please visit our supplies link to select an efficiency rating that is right for you, high capacity does NOT mean high efficiency, and vise versa. Always look for the paint load rating and the efficiency rating of a filter. Cheap filters last forever because they don’t trap anything. Expensive filters get changed often because they load and keep overspray where it belongs. Always be certain that filters are installed where NO air bypass occurs, taking a little extra time to tuck in the corners and make sure you have a good seal, air always follows the path of least resistance and the overspray follows right along.

The doors or panels on my booth are damaged or rotting away, can you repair or replace them?
The extent of damage or decay dictates what will be required for a repair in these situations. Generally, we can fabricate custom components to save existing panels or doors. If the decay is beyond repair, we can install brand new spray booth doors or panels to bring your booth back to life. Contact us for further information about spray booth repairs.