Bar Z Industrial Hot Shot Ovens

Bar Z Industrial is proud to offer an expanding line of heat treat ovens, the Hot Shot.

Our ovens feature Novus temperature controllers for easy configuration of setpoints, Carlos Gavazzi 2 pole SSR with actively cooled heat sink for reliability, thermal protection “push to reset” (for element and SSR overheat protection), heat enable switch on the panel cover (for quick element shut down, load / unload of oven), control power switch on the panel cover (shuts down oven, starts auto cool down cycle), door limit switch to enable/disable heat element for electrical safety, kiln grade type “K” thermocouples, ceramic connector block and element isolators for longevity and heavy duty cord with 20-amp plug fully grounding the controls and oven shell.

These ovens are currently built in batches and have approximately 6-8 week lead times. Please contact us for more information.

Bar Z Industrial Hotshot 360

Hotshot 360 Spec Sheet

Bar Z Industrial Hotshot Duplex

Hotshot Duplex Spec Sheet

Bar Z Industrial Hotshot 1200

Hotshot 1200 Spec Sheet

Hot Shot 1200 First Look

Hot Shot Duplex Introduction