Bar Z sells and installs prep stations of all types. The uses for a prep station can be for automotive, woodworking, industrial or fiberglass. We have seen them used for shaping surfboards and collecting the Styrofoam dust, fiberglass lay up and sanding, priming and sanding automobiles, sanding and seal coating wood cabinets, shaping and polishing solid surface countertops, grinding and shaping masonry products or steel hot work collection.

Styles of prep station can be from simple to elaborate, In floor or above ground, curtain walls, air make up systems, recirculation options, heating options, wet floors for flame spray or hot work. Filter options and flexibility can make your prep station serve many functions.

In floor prep stations save valuable shop space and create a natural downdraft air movement, heavy floor grating rests above support structure, filter racks are protected below floor grating and collect any outbound contaminates, exhaust air is ducted through roof with a non-sparking tube axial fan.

Above floor prep stations are the solution when installing a concrete pit isn’t an option (such as a leased building) exhaust air is routed to either side or rear plenums, creating a cross draft air movement from the work area. Filters contained in the plenums collect any outbound contaminates, exhaust air is ducted through roof with a non-sparking tube axial fan.

Curtain walls are a space saver and offer versatility, they keep your process contained and can be ordered in colors, bordered, clear or tinted for welding and hot work. Heavy rolling curtain track with delrin rollers insure years of trouble free service.

Air make up systems take a good system and make it better, heated or not, a supply plenum above your work area will add to the functionality of your prep station. Filtered incoming air will provide the replacement required for the outbound contaminated airstream. Don’t let your prep station pull out all your treated shop air, air make up units allow a prep station to be stand alone and require no other air replacement sources.

Recirculation options, cold climates, closed buildings, treated shop air, recirculation of certain processes can be up to 80%, with a huge saving on your shop heating costs. When properly filtered, dry sanding, grinding, routing are just a few that can be performed with a recirculation option. With the simple flip of a switch, a damper opens and allows 100% exhaust for spraying or other solvent applications.

Wet floors are for highly specialized applications, in floor gratings sit above a water tank, a pump pulls water and creates a water curtain in floor pans giving 100% coverage and eliminating fire hazards in your shop. Zinc flame spray, plasma cutting, steel grinding, torch or hot works are a few of the applications for a wet floor.

Please use our Contact Us form and tell us about your prep station requirements. We will contact you to schedule an on-site survey of the proposed installation location and provide a quote.