Bar Z has sold, installed and serviced spray booths, paint booths and powdercoat booths since 1981. Rest on our years of knowledge to get you through your paint shop needs quickly and effortlessly. We offer installations for all stages of your shop from the ground up or for retrofits. Having a production problem? Contact us for an on site inspection to evaluate your options on increasing production. Many times we can engineer solutions that help you get product finished and out the door faster. We also offer relocation services and can move used spray booths and finishing shops for customers who are changing locations.

Spray booth styles include industrial, automotive, truck, rail and aerospace, with configurable options such as bake ovens, three-stage filtration, water wash, cross draft, down draft, custom lighting arrangements, built-in man lifts and conveyor openings. The list is almost endless. We offer consultation to make sure the spray booth you pick fits your needs and makes you money for years to come.

Optional equipment will always offer a return on your investment, how much depends on how it is applied and the big question "do I really need it?" Let us help you make that decision based on your workload. Quite often just adding provisions with the intent of upgrading at a later date will allow your system to grow with your business. Value engineering and planning ahead are key factors in production finishing systems.

Compliance with national codes can be tricky, NFPA-33, NEC and UFC are the main guidelines for paint shop, paint application, paint storage and paint dispensing. Local ordinances, zoning laws and codes vary, Bar Z can help you wade through these rules and get your shop running. Call us before signing the lease to a new building, some commercial zones don’t allow manufacturing (M occupancy) or there is no way to make the occupancy separation (H occupancy within a M occupancy). A change of occupancy is expensive and time consuming, find the right building to suit your operational needs and your installation will go quickly and easily.

Our list of customers is strong and growing every day. It includes Boeing, United Launch Alliance, Lasco Bath works, Lockheed Martin, DW drums, Hitachi, Walt Disney Studios, Fender Guitar, Lithonia Lighting, Eliminator Boats, Fleetwood RV, National RV, Pioneer, HT Marine, DV Industries, Solar Turbines, Fox Studios, Garret Aviation, HAAS Automation, Hawker Pacific, Sanyo, Metro Transit Authority, Remo Drums, Aerojet, Honda of North America and Warner Brothers Pictures, just to name a few.

Please use our Contact Us form and tell us about your spray booth and/or paint booth project requirements. We will contact you to further discuss your requirements and schedule an on-site survey of the proposed installation location. Once the survey is complete we will provide a quote in a timely manner.